‘All terrorists are a breed of Madarasas.  Close down them all’ : MP Cultural Minister Usha Thakur

The BJP Government in Assam closed down all Madarasas. Now the Hindus feel that BJP ruled states including Madhya Pradesh and the Central Government should close down all Madarasas.

Indore (M.P.) – All terrorists are created by the Madrasas. Hence, they must be closed down.  Tourism and Cultural Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Usha Thakur made this demand.

Usha Thakur further said, “All pupils are equal but due to the education system based on religion breed hatred and fanaticism. All fanatics and terrorists are the product of Madarasas. Jammu and Kashmir territory was made a factory of terrorism.

We must link all Madarasas alienated from the mainstream with proper education and bring them up to assist the social progress. Assam achieved this. Assam closed down all Madarasas. Everything that opposes nationalism must be closed down in the national interest. The Government aid to such organisations must stop.  If anyone wishes to impart religious training privately, the Indian Constitution permits such activities.