‘Tanishq Jewellery’ telecasts an advertisement promoting ‘Love Jihad’

Showcases a religious ritual of a pregnant Hindu woman who gets pregnant after marrying a Muslim : Hindus protest by trending ‘#BoycottTanishq’on Twitter

  • Why it was not thought of showcasing a religious ritual of a pregnant Muslim lady married to a Hindu ? If such an advertisement would have had been shown aired, would the religious fanatics have accepted that ?
  • The fact is completely contradictory to what is being shown in the advertisement. There are thousands of cases of female atrocities after a Hindu girl is converted to Islam following her marriage to a Muslim man. It would really be a matter of research if any incident resembling the advertisement has ever taken place or if there is at all any possibility of this in reality ?

New Delhi – An advertisement by Tanishq was released on 9th October promoting its new jewellery line called ‘Ekatvam’. The 45-second video showed a Muslim family preparing a traditional South Indian baby shower for their pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law.

‘#BoycottTanishq’ was a top trend on 12th October and several people tweeted against the advertisement claiming that it promoted ‘fake secularism’ and ‘Love Jihad”.

A day after receiving severe backlash on social media over this, Tata Group’s Tanishq Jewellery pulled down the controversial advertisement from its YouTube Page.

When the video was up on YouTube, it received more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes’. Till 12th October noon, it had garnered more than 2,000 dislikes and only 500 people had liked the advertisement. The comments section of the video was also disabled by the company the same day.