Karnataka Government scraps some lessons on Tipu Sultan from 7th grade syllabus

The decision to reduce syllabus in view of the coronavirus pandemic

Other parts of lessons on Tipu Sultan still exist in 6th and 10th grade syllabus

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Schools and colleges in the state of Karnataka are closed since 3 months due to Corona. Due to the uncertain reopening of schools and colleges, the Education Department is considering reducing the duration of education in this semester. Now, the syllabus will be reduced by 30 percent. Some sections related to the controversial and cruel Tipu Sultan have been removed from the 7th grade syllabus. However, other parts of lessons on Tipu Sultan remain unchanged in the 7th and 10th grade syllabus.

  1.  On protest against the removal of lessons on Tipu Sultan, the Karnataka Textbook Society clarified that we had to cover the course of 220 days in 120 working days; so few lessons had to be removed and it has been suggested by the experts. We do not interfere with the work of experts.
  2. After formation of the BJP Government in Karnataka, the Government had announced that it would remove sections related to Tipu Sultan from the syllabus and formed a committee for this.