‘Chinese Consulate in Houston was the hub for spying’ – The US

Indian Government must force the closure of the spying Chinese consulates in India.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Washington (USA) – Chinese Commercial consulate at Huston was the hub for spying. This consulate carried out spying and theft of intellectual property. We ordered them to shut down, said the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Keeping in mind the International Trade Laws, we will be focussing on the South Chinese Sea for the next eight years, he added.

(Courtesy: INDIA TODAY)

Our future generations will be at the mercy of China

Pompeo stated, ‘If we bow down to China today, our future generations will be at the mercy of China. We cannot fight with China alone. To combat Chinese aggression, all like-minded nations, G-20 countries, the United Nations and NATO states must come on a common platform. Chinese desire to expand international trade exponentially is leading to insecure waterways all over the world”.