Two Hindu youth murdered in Sindh, Pakistan: Partially burnt bodies recovered

Several countries in the world are aware of the pathetic state of Hindus in Pakistan. However, they keep Gandhi-style silence. We expect India to raise a voice against it. When the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation) is established in India, we will not allow such incidents to occur anywhere in the world.

Mitiari Hala (Pakistan) – Atrocities on Hindus continue in the Sindh region of Pakistan.  At Matiari Hala in this region, a partially burnt body of Mohan Bagari, a Hindu youth, was found. Social activist and advocate Rahat Austin released information about this incident on social media. Advocate Austin said, ‘The assassin severed the tongue of Mohan, killed him and tried to burn his body.’

At Umarkot in Sindh, the mutilated body of Sunil Kumar discovered. The perpetrators killed him and tried to set his body ablaze.