Expansionist force finished or retreated – Prime Minister Modi’s message to China

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Leh (Ladakh) – Peace is required for World development and in past few years’ expansionism have ruined humanity. Those who support expansionism, they have always threatened the world peace. The history has witnessed that such expansionist forces have been defeated or have retreated. ‘Entire world is united against expansionism today’, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi after a surprise visit on 3rd July in Ladakh’s Nimu, thus warning China.

Our Soldiers’ courage is higher than the heights of Himalaya !

Prime Minister Modi said, “Your gallantry, your dedication towards protection of Mother India is incomparable. You’ll in the difficult times and in such higher peak stood like an armour protecting Mother India cannot be compared to anything in the world. Your courage and gallantry is higher than the heights of Himalaya, your arms are strong, your willpower is firm and I’m experiencing it. My words in the speech are a reflection of that. India has always worked towards protection of humanity and entire world has seen the victory of our brave soldiers.”

(Courtesy: Hindusthan Times)