Israel bans Christian missionary channel’s Hebrew version Hid the ownership of channel : Telecast is in India too

Considering the channel is also telecast in India, the Central Government should find out whether it is promoting conversion in the country and take a similar decision about it.

Jerusalem (Israel) – Israeli authorities on Sunday ordered the US-based Christian missionary channel ‘God TV’ off the air citing that the channel hid its missionary agenda when it applied for the license.

Asher Biton, the Chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council in Israel stated that he gave a seven-day ultimatum to the channel ‘God TV’ to stop its broadcasting. Biton, as per reports, has stated that while the channel had cited in its application that it is targeted at the Christian population, it has been appealing to the Jews with its Christian evangelical content.

God TV was founded in 1995 in the United Kingdom. The channel rapidly spread through several countries claiming to reach 300 million households at this moment. The international broadcasting licenses are held by the Florida based Non-profit organisation. In Israel, God TV was broadcasting content through a Hebrew language channel named Shelanu.

In a recent video message, the CEO of God TV, Ward Simpson was seen saying that the channel aims to convince Jews to accept Jesus as their messiah. He said, “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the Gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of his Jewish people.” Later Simpson apologised for offensive remarks and clarified that the missionary channel would comply with all regulations.