Objectionable scene removed from XXX 2 web series after protests

We fully apologise for any sentiment that is hurt unintentionally : Producer Ekta Kapoor

Even though Ekta Kapoor has apologised, the insult to Indian Army is unpardonable and authorities must take action. The XXX 2 web series should be banned and the offenders be arrested so that in future, no one dares to insult the Indian Army !

Mumbai – On 6th June, an FIR was filed against producer Ekta Kapoor and others for allegedly hurting religious sentiments, disrespecting the Indian Army and the National Emblem in her erotic web series XXX 2 streaming on OTT platform ALT Balaji.

Objecting to the show, complaints were filed against Ekta Kapoor. Social media celebrity Hindustani Bhau filed a Police complaint over these allegations.

After Hindustani Bhau, a few ex-personnel from Gurugram’s Palam Vihar lodged a complaint against Ekta Kapoor. As per reports, the Chairman of the Martyrs Welfare Foundation (MWF) Major TC Rao said that in the show, an army officer’s wife is seen cheating on him in his absence, that is an insult for the soldiers who are posted on the borders to serve the country.

After receiving flak for a controversial sex scene in her erotic web series, Ekta Kapoor has confirmed that the team has deleted the scene in question. Moreover, she has apologised for hurting any sentiments unintentionally.

“As an individual and as an organisation, we are deeply respectful towards the Indian Army. Their contribution to our well being and security is immense. We have already deleted the scene that is being spoken about, so the action has been taken from our side. We fully apologise for any sentiment that is hurt unintentionally. What we don’t appreciate is the bullying and the rape threats by the trolls”, she said.