China accepted corona specimen were destroyed for security reasons !

Needless to say that China must have destroyed it purposely.

Beijing (China) – The coronavirus samples were destroyed from an unauthorised laboratory by order of the Chinese Government on 3rd January, confessed Liu Dengfeng, Head of National Health Commission of China. ‘Newsweek’ has published the news in this context.

Dengfeng has refuted the US charge that China destroyed the specimen to hide something. The US had said that it has ample proof of coronavirus not coming from any animal but was created in the laboratory of Wuhan. Coronavirus was destroyed for biological security and to avoid a mishap, said Dengfeng. It was dangerous and illegal to keep the virus in an unauthorised laboratory. In view of this, it was essential to destroy it, as per the health laws of China. Hence the virus was destroyed after receiving the order from the Government.