Rohtas (Bihar) : Stones were pelted at the Police who had gone to arrest a religious fanatic for molesting a girl

Why the religious fanatics behave in this manner all over the country ? Why the so-called secularists keep mum  about it? Or do they feel that the Police getting beaten up by religious fanatics is secularism?

Rohatas (Bihar) – Religious fanatics pelted stones at the Police who had gone to arrest Mahafus Ansari for  molesting and stabbing a minor girl in the village called Pebandi. Five Policemen personnel were wounded in this incident. The Police have arrested Ansari. Tensions continued on the next day when people from the two groups came face to face and pelted stones at each other. Twelve people were wounded in this incident.

Stones were pelted even at the Police when they reached the venue upon receiving the information. The police have arrested many in this case. Currently, a large posse of Police force has been deployed at this place.

On the night of 9th May, the girl was sleeping on the terrace of her house with her mother when her neighbour Mahaphus Ansari came on the terrace and started molesting her. When the girl resisted he stabbed her and ran away.