The trend #BoycottHalalProducts against Halal-certified products is on 2nd position in national trends

Demand on Twitter to boycott Halal-certified products

Mumbai – The fundamentalist community around the world is demanding that every food item and all products should comply with Islam, that is, Halal. For this, Halal certification is being made compulsory for their sale. Earlier it was limited to meat products but now it is being imposed on grains, beauty products, medicines as well as daily domestic items.  It has come to light that the organisation issuing this certificate is Jamiyat-Ulema-E-Islam, which fights the court cases of 700 terrorist accused of involved in jihadi terrorist attacks and the money collected from Halal certification is used for this purpose. When devout Hindus came to know about this conspiracy, they started a hashtag on Twitter named #boycotthalalproducts. The trend run by this hashtag was initially on fourth, then third and finally on second place on the national trend list. Over 1 lakh people have tweeted about this trend.

1. In these tweets, devout Hindus have said that by selling Halal products, they are being asked to follow Sharia.

2. Many devout Hindus have refused to purchase such products and demanded an investigation of such certificates.