Chinese incident, a rejoinder to Gilgit and Baltistan – Defence Expert

Beijing (China) – Defence experts are associating the incident between India and China military personnel in Sikkim with the episode of Gilgit and Baltistan.

China’s Presence in POK.

China is creating an economic corridor through POK to the Gwadar port in Pakistan. This highway passes through Gilgit and Baltistan. India protested against this road, but China continued to ignore.

There is a dispute between India and Pakistan over POK. No third country should carry out construction activities here. Despite this, Pakistan allowed China to start construction in this region. India raised objections.

India recently included the Gilgit, Baltistan and Muzaffarabad in its weather forecast regions. Pakistan protested. Taking notice of this Indian action, China deliberately carried out a skirmish with the Indian army in Sikkim as a warning.

Defence expert Kamar Aga said that China is conveying a warning to India about any impending action in POK. If India starts any action in the POK, China may retaliate in Sikkim. China has been claiming that Sikkim as its part. This is the communiqué of the recent Chinese incident in Sikkim.

China trying to divert public attention toward nationalism

Aga further said, “Chinese economy has recently taken a beating due to coronavirus. Due to international lockdown, Chinese goods have lost customers. In such a situation, China is promoting the idea of ‘Nationalism’. That is why, China is trying to incite such incidents on the border and creating scare among its population. As a result, the attention of the people will be diverted from poverty and unemployment to the dangers on borders.