Case filed against Arnab Goswami accusing him of spreading communal hatred

Mumbai – A large number of migrant workers from other States had gathered outside Bandra railway station on 14th April demanding transport to their respective home-States amid prevailing lockdown. On the complaint of giving a religious angle to this incident while reporting the news, the Pydhonie Police has filed a case against Arnab Goswami, Chief Editor of the news channel Republic TV. Irfan Abubakar Sheikh, Secretary of the Raza Educational Welfare Society, had filed a  complaint in this regard.

Sheikh had said in his complaint that on 29th April, Arnab Goswami, in a panel discussion on his news channel, has linked Bandra commotion to a religious site and alleged that citizens belonging to a particular community gathered a crowd. An attempt has been made to create a discord between the two communities by giving religious colour to this episode.