COVID – 19 patients will be treated by prayers in the US

Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy of Indian origin, commenced the prayer therapy.The therapy will include prayers of all religions. Medical treatment will also continue.

India is the spiritual Guru of the universe, but no one thinks of carrying out these experiments here. Adoption of destructive secularism is the root cause.

Washington(USA) – The US is affected severely by the coronavirus pandemic. Here, more than 1.1 million persons are tested positive. More than 63000 patients have lost life. The US is unable to control the coronavirus epidemic. Various methods are being tried for the treatment of patients. Researchers are working on the therapy suggested a doctor of Indian origin  – Can prayers improve the patients ? Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy started the prayer therapy from 1st May. This is a part of ongoing research. The present medical treatment will continue along with the prayer-therapy.

Initially, the prayer-therapy will be experimented on 500 patients. There will be two groups of patients. They will not know about this experiment. Prayers will be as per the religion of the patient. These include Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and patients of other religions.

Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy assembled a medical team to study the results. The team will monitor the condition of patients. How many patients were on ventilators ? How many and which organs have stopped working ? When they were shifted from ICU ? How many lost life ? The team will record these and other parameters. Colleagues of Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy are full of praise for this experiment.

“We also believe in the divine power” – Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy.

Dr Dhananjay Lakireddy said ” We believe in the science and the Divine superpower. We will study if the Divine superpower affects the patients.”