Hindu youth shot dead by religious-fanatics in Patna amidst the lockdown

Stone-pelting by religious-fanatics on the funeral procession of the Hindu youth in the presence of Police

Youth’s fearful family to sell the house

Again jungle-rule in Bihar

What is the use of such Police who wag their tail in front of the criminals instead of nabbing them and protecting the citizens. Such officials should be sacked immediately and should be booked, and sent to jail !

Hindus do not expect a situation where they have sell their house just because the coalition Government of Janta Dal (United) and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) cannot protect them !

Patna (Bihar) – A Hindu youth was shot dead by religious-fanatics amidst the lockdown. Some religious-fanatics were roaming around the streets breaking the lockdown rules. NCC cadets tried to stop them, but they ran away while shooting at the NCC cadets. Sunny Gupta was sitting in his balcony when the religious-fanatics entered his house. An altercation ensured between them and the religious-fanatics fired at Sunny, who later died at the hospital.

Five people, namely, Hasnain, Shahjahan, Abul Nasir, Anjum, and Zainab Hashmi have been arrested in connection to the case. The 6th accused, identified as Chand Mohammad, is still on the run from the law enforcement authorities. This incident occurred on 20th April.

The area where Sunny lived is a Muslim-dominated area. Sunny’s funeral procession was reportedly stone-pelted even though the Police was deployed, still. To everyone’s dismay, instead of nabbing the stone-pelters, the Police was begging them to not throw stones. A video-clip of this incident was circulated in the social media. The Police has still not arrested the stone-pelters. Post the incident, Sunny’s terrorised Gupta family has decided to sell the house and has hung a ‘for sale’ sign.

How will we be protected ? – questions Sunny Gupta’s father

Sunny’s father Gopal Gupta said, “I have been living in this house with my family for 28 years. There are many memories associated with this house. But what’s the point of staying in an area where we are not safe? My son was murdered in a planned manner. Four lathi-wielding home guards have been posted for my family’s protection. If we are again attacked with guns, will they be able to protect us?“

Fans of religious-fanatics and Hindu-hater media sweeps this new under the rug !

Viewers should lawfully question such media for their biased reporting

It is being said that most of the national leading news media swept Sunny Gupta’s murder under the rug as it involves religious-fanatics killing a Hindu. The stone-pelting on Sunny Gupta’s funeral procession was also ignored by the media; thus, Hindus in the country were not aware of this incident till Zee News channel aired news’ detailed telecast.