H.H. (Smt.) Sulabha Jagannath Joshi from Chinchwad, Pune attains Sainthood because of Her contentment and behaving as per other’s wish

Smt. Sulabha Jagannath Joshi grew up in a religious environment and She performed devotion unto Deity Dattatreya since childhood. She completely imbibed the spiritual Principle – How to behave as per other’s wish. It is very difficult not to behave as per own wish; yet, She obeyed Her husband and performed worldly duties. In doing so, She demonstrated that Spirituality can be practised even by behaving as per other’s wish. In fact, a seeker can easily achieve dissolution of the mind by doing everything as per other’s wish.

Similarly, She fulfilled Her worldly duties calmly and satisfactorily and set an example for others on how life can be lived in an ideal way. She is progressing rapidly in Spirituality due to Her qualities such as thinking of others, behaving as per the wish of others, love for others as well as selfless and unattached attitude.
Smt. Sulabha Jagannath Joshi has attained Sainthood and reached the spiritual level of 71%. She is now Sanatan’s 104th Saint. Her body is also exhibiting many changes, which Her daughters and seekers in Pune have identified accurately. It is commendable that they could realise Her Sainthood.

I am confident that H.H. (Smt.) Sulabha Jagannath Joshi’s further spiritual progress will also take place rapidly.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale