Some spiritual organisations overseas misguiding and misleading people in the name of Spirituality

Sadguru Cyriaque Vallee

Currently, Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) is participating and organising lectures in various fairs overseas. We attended some lectures of other spiritual organisations to study what they teach, and realised that in some lectures, they misguide and give incorrect spiritual guidance to people. They were teaching negative aspects as well. We were surprised that in the name of Spirituality, how some organisations mislead people.

Incorrect guidance

Some organisations were advising us to increase our ego so that we can be in touch with our ancestors to fulfill our dreams with their help.

Some said that we should appeal to the ego and negative energies because we are not different from them.

In one of the lectures of an organisation, an attendee got annoyed with the points.Therefore, the lecturer pointed at him and said, “See, how angry this guy is !” We observed in other lectures too that the attendees were not treated with respect.

Attendees leaving midway during the lectures of other organisations

In the lectures of other organisations, the number of attendees leaving the lecture midway was high, whereas in the lectures of SSRF, hardly anyone left. It was worth noting that those who attended SSRF lectures did not go to any other lectures.

Some comments of those who attended SSRF lecture

Some attendees told us that the teachings of other organisations are not true Spirituality and that they are limited to only materialistic benefits.

A woman told us that SSRF is not aggressive like the other organisations, and we are not trying to aggressively sell them something.

– SSRF’s Sadguru Cyriaque Vallee