Daily Sanatan Prabhat – Completely dedicated to propagating and protecting Hindu Dharma !

1. Daily Sanatan Prabhat –
A satsang by the day, every single day !

Daily Sanatan Prabhat (henceforth referred to as DSP) is an integral part of the lives of seekers. Every single day in their lives dawns with DSP. With firm conviction that the write-ups in the DSP are for their welfare, seekers are eager to know what is printed in the DSP. Simply said, DSP is a satsang by the day, every single day ! This satsang is all about ‘what did I learn from the DSP ?, How can I implement what has been advised through the DSP’.

To help seekers learn how to read, contemplate and imbibe the teachings of DSP, an article was published on the birthday of Paratpar Guru Parashram Pande Maharaj. This article is about ‘How Paratpar Guru Pande Maharaj would read the DSP’.

2. DSP – A Daily that answers readers’ queries and guides them on vyashti & samashti sadhana and thus, helps in progressing spiritually !

While reading DSP, always keep a pen and paper by your side to make notings. These could be useful anytime. You can also note down the thoughts published in DSP. If you note down just one point every day and put it into practice, you will end up performing 30 good acts in a month.

You will find that answers to your queries are invariably published the next day. DSP is very important from the perspective of vyashti and samashti sadhana. Seekers and devout Hindus who are not able to get direct guidance for some reason or the other, learn points about vyashti and samashti sadhana that are published in DSP and implement the personality defect and ego removal process. Quite a few readers have attained the spiritual level of 61% and some have reached Sainthood too.

3. DSP – A Periodical that repeatedly reminds the reader of God-realisation from the perspective of vyashti sadhana and about establishing the ‘Divine Rule’ from the perspective of samashti sadhana !

We perform vyashti sadhana for God-realisation and samashti sadhana for establishing the ‘Divine Rule’. During the course of our spiritual practice, we tend to forget its goal. So that we do not forget our goal, DSP repeatedly reminds the readers of this goal.

Propagation of Dharma generates sattvikata in society. This is how people begin to abide by Dharma and as a result, the process of establishing the ‘Divine Rule’ speeds up. It is for this reason that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale says, ‘A hundered Saints are required for establishing the Divine Rule’.

Let us try to live up to the expectations of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale on vyashti and samashti sadhana. Guidance on how to go about this is continuously available from DSP. Let us benefit from it and try to attain our goal. We are obtaining the spiritual experience that God responds to an earnest plea. Seekers are obtaining the spiritual experience – ‘It is not me but God, who is performing satseva’. One example of this is Deity Vitthal in the guise of Shrikhandya filling water storage vessels in Sant Eknath’s house. There are many such examples. These examples reveal that, God craves for bhav (Spiritual emotion) of the devotee and He responds to the devotee’s earnest plea.

4. DSP – A Periodical that fulfils
every need of a seeker !

A single virtue of following the instructions of the Guru, compels the Guru to make His disciple a Guru. A Guru always desires the spiritual progress of His disciple. When a Guru feels thus, He ensures the progress of the disciple. What else does one want ? We get what we require from DSP. Similarly, if we follow the instructions of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, it will mean that we are acting as per His expectations, and then our spiritual progress will be automatic.

5. Kumbha-darshan at home through DSP !

There is lot to learn from DSP. During the Kumbha Mela, there was a series of articles on ‘Kumbha-darshan’. The series carried articles which provided information on varied topics such as the importance of Kumbha, sins getting eliminated upon having a Holy dip during the Kumbha, etc. Through these articles, we got to learn about the blessings bestowed upon us by the Sages and Saints, their opinions, etc. when they visited the exhibitions of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. All of them want the ‘Divine Rule’ to be established and all speak on what they are going to do in this direction.

Society too is now realising the importance of the ‘Divine Rule’. There is no alternative to establishing the ‘Divine Rule’. Through the medium of DSP, we got to read a whole lot of examples about how fake Sages and Saints are cheating the Government, are organising darshan-sohalas for collecting funds, organising food donation camps, etc. There were many such examples that we got to read through the medium of DSP. In fact the series ‘Kumbha-darshan’ was as good as a live coverage of the event.

6. DSP – A medium to learn how seekers perform satseva in an ideal manner !

While performing samashti satseva, seekers get obsessed with the satseva. Through DSP, we get to learn how they make efforts to perform satseva in an ideal manner. We get to learn how to narrate in brief the importance of Holy texts to the visitors to the Holy text exhibition, how to narrate the importance of sattvik products and the importance of spiritual healing, etc.

7. DSP – A Periodical that gives proof of –
‘He who protects Dharma
gets protected by Dharma’ !

One can experience sattvikata by merely holding an Issue of DSP and get subjected to spiritual healing. Each of us has to obtain the spiritual experience of DSP that is enriched with a high degree of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). Such a Chaitanya enriched Daily is an exception among Periodicals. This is all because of the blessings of Saints.

DSP has been propagating Dharma ever since its inception.

‘धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः ।’ (Manusmruti, 8.15). Meaning : He who protects Dharma gets protected by Dharma.

One gets ample proof of this Sanskrut adage through the medium of DSP.

DSP is a screen that highlights the denigration of Dharma. This is a learning exercise about what all comes under ‘denigration of Dharma’. DSP is dedicated to the protection of Dharma. Simply said, DSP teaches us how to fight injustice, investigate corruption and follow it up till the end, meaning, how to pursue the matter till the culprits get punished.

8. Prayer

O’ Shrikrushna ! I pray at Your Lotus feet – ‘May everyone be inspired (intellectually) to read Daily Sanatan Prabhat. May the learning attitude in everyone get enhanced. It goes without saying that You are going to hold the finger of each seeker and take him to Moksha (Final Liberation). May all seekers be always aware of their goal. Get satseva and spiritual practice performed from us as per your expectations’.

– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Padmakar Honap, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (23.3.3019)

Making efforts to ensure that Daily Sanatan Prabhat reaches every household verily amounts to samashti sadhana !

There is no dearth of Periodicals in the society. For the owners of such Periodicals it is simply a profit making business; however, Sanatan Prabhat is different. It is committed to guiding the society in the correct direction. Today, we find that society is in a pathetic state. In such times, DSP is providing society with correct perspectives. In short, DSP is playing a noble role of moulding the present and future generations. Making efforts to deliver this Daily to every household would be our samashti sadhana. Let us all make these efforts.

Sanatan’s Sadguru Satyawan Kadam, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra.

Today, we find that society is in a pathetic state. In such times, Sanatan Prabhat is providing the society with correct perspectives !