With new Bill, Kerala to proscribe arms training in temple premises

This is the hatred that the communist Kerala Government has towards the Hindus ! The Government is oppressing organisations which are providing self-defence training to Hindus.

Can the Kerala Government dare to stop the training being given to terrorists in mosques ?

The Kerala Government presumes that RSS will come to an end because of this Bill !

New Delhi – According to Kerala Government’s Travan-core-Cochin Religious Institutions (Amend-ment) Bill, the State will have the powers to stop practices such as arms training or drill near temple premises. The Bill proposes upto six months jail or Rs. 5,000 as fine for violations.

Chief Minister P Vijayan and Devaswom Minister K Surendran had said the Government will bring amendments to the Act to stop arms training in temple premises. According to the draft Bill, the properties of the Devaswom should not be used for anything other than matters related to temples or traditions.

When the Supreme Court was considering the petition regarding the administration of the Sabarimala Temple on 20th November, the Kerala Government pre-sented a copy of this Bill, which is an amendment of an old Act.

In the proposed Bill, the Police can directly file a case if they find any contraventions. It is understood that the RSS was utilising temple premises for conducting daily Shakhas, workshops for physical and intellectual exercises. The communist Kerala Government presumes that RSS will come to an end because of this Bill. According to one report, RSS conducts 5,300 Shakhas everyday in Kerala.