Railways incur loss of 157 crore In 2017 due to theft

2 lakh towels, 81,000 bedsheets, 7,000 blankets stolen from Indian trains in a year

Is this the progress made by India after 72 years of Independence ? When crores of Rupees are spent on maintaining law and order, such incidents could not be checked by the Government. To change the situation, establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Nation) is inevitable.

New Delhi – The Indian Railways runs at a loss. Financial experts say that it is poorly managed. But, it suffers another kind of loss every year. The Western Railway has come out with some details of what was stolen from the trains. In 2017, over 74,000 thefts in Railway trains and properties caused a loss of Rs.157 crores

It has reported the theft of inventory worth Rs. 62 lakhs from its long-distance trains between April and September this year. The amount may appear insignificant compared to the operational cost of the Indian Railways but the kind of articles stolen from the trains pose a challenge to the authorities in providing better facilities aboard.

According to a Central Railway officer, 79,350 hand towels, 27,545 bedsheets, 21,050 pillow covers, 2,150 pillows and 2,065 blankets were stolen between April and September this year itself. The loss was Rs. 62 lakhs.