Pakistani embassy employee Minhaj Hussain molests an Indian woman

New Delhi – It has come to light that an Indian woman working in the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi was molested by a Pakistani employee, Minhaj Hussain. Earlier, the victim had lodged a complaint against the molester, Minhaj Hussain, with the High Commissioner of the Embassy, ​​Saad Ahmed Waraich; but he tried to save Hussain. (This shows the mindset of the Pakistani authorities. – Editor). After this incident happened again, the victim approached the Police.

1. Minhaj Hussain is the cook of Pakistani officer Saad Ahmed Waraich. This Indian woman works as a helper at this place. Minhaj came from Pakistan in February to work at the Pakistani embassy in Delhi. Since then he was harassing the victim. She was being pressured for sex.

2. Tired of this harassment, the victim filed a complaint against Minhaj Hussain at Tilak Marg police station on 28th June. A case has been registered against Hussain.

3. Earlier, a female professor travelling to Pakistan was harassed by embassy staff asking for sexual favours. (It appears the Pakistani Embassy in India is filled with lustful officials. – Editor).

Editorial Perspective

Pakistani employees coming from Pakistan to work in the Indian embassy dare to molest an Indian woman, this shows their arrogance. Such people need to be imprisoned for life.