Bhojshala (MP) survey completed

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) – The survey of Bhojshala has been completed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Hundreds of remains have been found along with many idols of Hindu Deities. The report on this survey will be presented in the High Court. The next hearing is scheduled for 4thJuly 2024.

1. ASI has collected 1,710 remains from the Bhojshala site during its 98 days survey. ASI dug up at 24 places on Bhojshala premises to collect these ruins. 39 idols were found during this survey of Bhojshala which are being cleaned for identification.

2. The idols found during the survey are of Vagdevi (Goddess Saraswati), Mahishasur Mardini, Shri Ganesh, Shri Hanuman, Brahma and Shrikrushna. Some of these idols are in good condition while some are in dilapidated condition. The idol of Brahma is in good condition but that of the Goddess is broken. Many pillars and inscriptions have also been found during the excavations.

3. The Court had granted 42 days to ASI to conduct the survey, but the period was extended.

4. ASI will submit its report along with the opinions of experts in the field on the remains. ‘Carbon- dating’ was also carried out during the survey to estimate the age of the remains/idols and its report will be separately prepared and submitted to the Court.

5. The Muslim side has accused ASI of violating the Court’s directions while conducting the survey.

6. Bhojshala was closed down for the tourists during the survey and will be kept closed even now. Hindus will be allowed to perform puja on Tuesdays while Muslims will be allowed to offer namaz on Fridays.

7. On 11th March 2024, Madhya Pradesh High Court issued an order to ASI to conduct a scientific survey of Bhojshala complex. Bhojshala is a temple of Shri Saraswati which was built during 1000- 1055 AD by King Bhoj. The Mughals invaded this place a few centuries ago and built a tomb of Maulana Kamaluddin (who is accused of converting several Hindus by deception) and since then, Muslims started going there to offer namaz.