Hindu activists attacked by Muslims for opposing cow smuggling in Medak (Telangana)

Police blame Hindus saying clashes erupted as Hindu activists stopped the smuggling themselves instead of filing a complaint

Medak clashes
Courtesy : Deccan Chronicle

Medak (Telangana) – In Medak, activists of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) opposed Muslims who were smuggling cows. They attempted to stop the transportation, which led to an attack by the Muslims. Hindus retaliated, resulting in a clash where two individuals, Kaif and Arif, were injured. This incident occurred on 15th June and cases have been registered against both groups.

When contacted by a representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat,’ Medak’s Superintendent of Police, B. Bala Swamy, stated that Section 144 has been imposed and the situation is now under control. Several individuals have been detained. The violence ensued because BJYM leaders stopped the transport instead of filing a complaint. The hospital treating the injured was also attacked. (Notice how fanatic Muslims have the audacity to attack a hospital, and no secular political party speaks out against this – Editor).

Editorial Perspectives

  • What else can be expected in Telangana under Congress rule ? When will Hindus realise that the Congress Government is akin to Pakistani governance ?
  • Despite having all the resources at their disposal, the Police do not stop cow smuggling themselves. Instead, they blame the Hindu activist who tried to prevent it. This shows their anti-Hindu bias.
  • Hindus are labeled ‘intolerant’ and ‘violent’ whether they silently endure such attacks or vigilantly oppose them. Thus, Hindus must make their position so strong as no one dares to smuggle cows in this country, thereby protecting Hindu religious sentiments.

MLA T. Raja Singh detained before reaching Medak

BJP MLA T. Raja Singh from Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad was detained by the Police at the airport. He is currently under house arrest. He arrived from Mumbai and was trying to go directly to Medak when he was detained.

Multiple units of the Cyberabad Riot Control Police and local Police were stationed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport from the morning to prevent him from proceeding. Authorities stated that he was not allowed to go to Medak due to the imposition of Section 144.

Editorial Perspective

In Congress rule, if devout Hindu MLAs are silenced, who will protect the ordinary Hindus ?