Don’t allow Pakistani terrorists kill Hindus in Kashmir : Geert Wilders, Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Geert Wilders, member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands and the president of the ‘Party for Freedom’, posted a tweet regarding a recent terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. The tweet read, ‘Don’t allow Pakistani terrorists in the Kashmir Valley killing Hindus. Protect your people India! (sic)’. Wilders posted this tweet after Pakistani terrorists attacked Hindu pilgrims in Reasi, Jammu. Currently, this incident is being condemned on social media. Owing to this, #AllEyesOnReasi is trending on X. Geert Wilders posted the tweet with this hashtag.

Why are those talking about ‘All eyes on Rafah’ silent now ?

The #AllEyesOnRafah trended on social media after the Israeli offensive on Rafah in the Gaza Strip and continues to trend. Israel is being criticised for using this hashtag. Many dignitaries in India, as well as artists, posted in support of this hashtag. A similar hashtag is now being used to criticise the attack in Jammu’s Reasi. The hashtag #AllEyesOnReasi is trending on social media, asking why Rafah supporters are not speaking in favour of the Hindus in the terror attack of Reasi. There is a buzz that ‘when it comes to another country, Bollywood is active, but when people are killed in terrorist attacks in our own country, they keep silent about it’. Geert Wilders’ appeal is also being appreciated.

Editorial Perspective

A Christian politician in Europe makes such an appeal, while not a single Hindu politician in India wants to make this appeal to the Government. This is equally shameful for the Hindus who elect such politicians.