Afrid arrested for posting obscene pictures of a girl from another religion on social media

Afrid attempts suicide while under arrest

Kodagu (Karnataka) – Afrid, a 21-year-old man, was arrested by the police for circulating obscene pictures of a girl from a different religion on social media. Afrid had been infatuated with the girl from his village, but she had rejected his advances. Despite this, he continued to harass her mentally. 6 months ago, Afrid went abroad for work and began threatening to spread her private pictures online if she did not comply with his demands. The girl ignored his threats, prompting him to follow through and share the obscene images on social media. Upon his return to India, Afrid was apprehended by the Karnataka Police at Mumbai airport. During the arrest, he attempted suicide by cutting a vein on his arm with a sharp object in front of the police, but his attempt was thwarted by the alert officers.

Editorial Perspective

It is important to note that fanatical Muslim youths are engaging in actions that are rooted in religious extremism, also known as ‘Jihad’. This is not about romantic relationships but about using religion as a weapon against those of other faiths.