10 Chinese warships intrude in the maritime border of Taiwan

Taipei – Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported that around 6 a.m. on 1stJune, 10 Chinese Navy ships were spotted in the country’s waters. 2 Chinese fighter jets infiltrated Taiwan’s border. Taiwan responded to China by deploying its ships and missiles in the area.

1. Since September 2020, China has been increasing the number of fighter jets and boats in the area around Taiwan using a ‘grey zone’ strategy. A ‘grey zone’ strategy is an attempt to achieve security objectives without the direct and extensive use of force.

2. Recently, US lawmakers visited Taiwan. It was opposed by China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning has said that China strongly opposes military contact between the US and Taiwan, as well as any attempt to arm Taiwan.

What is the Sino-Taiwan conflict ?

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased significantly over the past few years. China has never ruled Taiwan, though the ruling Communist Party of China considers it as a part of China, while Taiwan calls itself an independent country. Taiwan is an island 100 miles off the southeast coast of China. Taiwan has its own Constitution and elected Government. However, only 14 countries in the world have recognised Taiwan as an independent country.

Editorial Perspective

It is necessary for all countries across the globe, to come together and teach China a lesson, so that it does not take over Taiwan.