Certain forces want to prevent humans from knowing their Divine inner Essence

Ms. Maria Wirth
Ms Wirth is a native of Germany. For long, she was convinced that every Indian knows and treasures his great heritage. She noticed that there seemed to be a concerted effort to prevent even Indians from knowing how valuable this ancient Indian heritage is, so she started to point out its unique values.

How do I come to the conclusion that certain forces want to prevent humans from knowing their Divine Essence and connecting with it ? By observing what happened over time and especially in the last 2 decades.

When Vedic knowledge reached the West over 250 years ago, it was praised as the greatest gift to humanity. Philosophers praised it, but also scientists, like Erwin Schroedinger, Max Planck and several others. Schroedinger often ended his lectures with ‘Atma is Brahman’ and Max Planck said : “I regard consciousness as fundamental and matter as derivative from consciousness.”

Even still in 1982, when Fritjof Capra presented at a conference in Mumbai the new paradigm of physics in tune with Bharat’s wisdom that all is interconnected, nothing is separate, all is one energy, our senses deceive us, he added : In all likelihood this energy is conscious.

I was there and heard him say it. He got a standing ovation.

In the 1970s, when I was studying at Hamburg University, ‘Self-realization’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘expanded consciousness’ were buzzwords. Indian wisdom was seen in a good light. ‘India shops’ sprang up with books like ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Swami Yogananda. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Osho attracted the youth.

The Church didn’t like the fascination of the youth with Bharat and appointed ‘cult observers’. They warned parents that their children may become mad, if they fall for those Indian Gurus.

However, the Church could not prevent a massive loss of faith among the youth. The churches became empty. Eastern wisdom was in vogue, but ‘Hinduism’ was delinked from it.

Yes, there were many hippies who misunderstood ‘Indian wisdom’ and copied only the long hair and the chillum of the sadhus, and not the wisdom and discipline. But generally, we Westerners felt, India had something which was badly lacking in the West. It had wisdom about who we are and what is the purpose in life. And it also still had a connection to a magical, supernatural dimension, which we so missed in the West, including snake charmers and rope trick…

In the 1970s, and even before that, Western researchers also studied the brain of Yogis, who had miraculous powers. The US army intelligence was interested to exploit those powers. They sent for example, an army commander to the Bob Monroe Institute to learn how to have out of body experiences. This commander wrote a highly interesting, 31-page document in 1983. It was declassified by CIA in 2003 and is on the net. (I wished Indian scientists go through this document. It validates the holographic theory of the Universe and the miracles of Yogis which, in Bharat, are often dismissed if not ridiculed.)

NASA discovered that Sanskrit is the most perfect language

In late 1989 or the 1990s, Indian newspapers reported that NASA discovered that Sanskrit is the most perfect language. This was at a time, when Indian students mostly looked down on Sanskrit.

The above points show that Vedic wisdom was appreciated in academic circles in the West earlier.

From appreciation to vilification … Why ?

But then, around the year 2000, this changed.

I personally got an inkling, when in 2001, the editor of one of the German magazines to which I contributed, wrote to me, “As you must have noticed, Spirituality is out. Wellness is in”.

No, I had not noticed.

Ever since, indeed, Yoga and even meditation (in its popular form as ‘mindfulness’) is presented only as a means for physical and mental well-being and its full potential for Self-realization, Mukti, is ignored or purposely kept hidden. ‘Indian wisdom’ went out of fashion.

Consistent with this trend, most Western philosophers today define consciousness as intimately connected with its content. They stay within Maya and seem to be unable to conceive of pure, thought-free consciousness. Now many in the West even declare that there is no such thing as absolute Truth, but ‘Everyone has his own truth !’ Or ‘The goal of life is personal’. And if you follow what’s happening in the West (wokism, genderism, etc.), you may wonder if common sense has gone out of the window.

Hindus started finally shaking off the colonial mindset

Around the same time, in 2001, when I was told that Spirituality is out, an important shift occurred in India. Hindus started to realise that their tradition is preferable and yes, superior, to Abrahamic religions.

Promptly, and it is in all likelihood connected to this Hindu awakening, Western media and academics portrayed Hindus, and especially Brahmins, falsely and perfidiously, as oppressors of minorities. Meanwhile, Hinduphobia has reached a dangerous level. Even conferences on ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ and ‘Eradicating Hinduism’ were organised.

Why are Hindus so much under attack ? And why this down-sizing of Yoga and meditation, ignoring its full potential ?

There may be two reasons :


The big powers want to prevent Bharat from coming up. They may fear, that if Indians study their ancient texts, and Sanskrit is easier for them, they may discover new tech-nologies and overtake the powers that be.

Bibek Debroy claims that even after all the destruction and loot by Muslims, the British, the Jesuits, and others, there are still millions of texts in Bharat and only a fraction of it has been studied.


It’s easier for Hindus to understand pure (content-free) consciousness and touch their Atma. There are still many Yogis in Bharat who have realised their true Self. Such people are fearless and cannot be manipulated and controlled.

Certain powerful lobbies, who want to control humans, have therefore an interest that Vedic knowledge is downplayed and does not spread and become common knowledge, not even in Bharat.

One such powerful lobby is the Vatican. But even without the danger from Vedic knowledge, people are leaving the Church in big numbers.

So, who else is interested in keeping us ignorant ?

The Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, a prominent figure at the World Economic Forum (WEF), gave a clue : It is those who plan the ‘Great Reset’ at WEF, Bilderberg meetings, etc.

Harari said in all earnestness that consciousness is not needed, but intelligence is needed, and robots will be more intelligent than humans. He considers belief in God and a soul as ridiculous. He also suggested, that ‘all the useless people’ who will be replaced by intelligent robots, should be kept busy with computer games and drugs.

God, as perceived in the Cosmos

It is ominous that attempts are on to get us interested in ‘living in a metaverse’, which means in a virtual reality within this Maya. It would remove us one layer further from our Divine roots, and allow us to be easier controlled – leaving us without meaning and purpose in life, without any anchor, without values …

Science cannot prove that the one energy of quantum physics is conscious. But it also cannot disprove it. So why is the theory, that consciousness is fundamental, called fringe ? And why is the theory, that the brain is the real thing, respectable ?

Does it make sense that there is a vast, miraculous Universe which is not aware that it is ? That only humans on Earth temporarily know about it ? Why is there this attempt to deprive human beings from finding fulfilment in life ?

In this context, the spread of the Bharatiya knowledge system is very important. It may just save humanity.

Naturally, intellectual study must be backed up by sadhana (Spiritual practice). We need to connect with our Essence (Atma). Touching it even occasionally, greatly improves the quality of our life.

(Courtesy : mariawirth.com, 24th February 2024)

Given this a thought ?

There are about two billion Christians, who are told they have to remain Christians, otherwise they can’t go to heaven. And then there are about two billion Muslims who are told that they have to remain Muslims, otherwise they can’t go to paradise. Both religions had plenty of time to sort out which one is true, but they did not do it. Why ? Because they cannot prove it. They can only make claims and counterclaims and fight among themselves, between Muslims and Christians and with heathens or infidels. They have done this for the last 2000 years. – Maria Wirth

The big powers may fear that if Indians study their ancient texts, they may discover new technologies and overtake them !