Muslims oppose excavation at the Bhojshala in Dhar, Madya Pradesh

Muslims offer namaz wearing black bands

Bhojshala Complex, Dhar, MP

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) – The Muslims demonstrated against the excavations being done at the Bhojshala. They offered namaz wearing black bands on 24th May 2024 at Dhar’s Bhojshala. Muslims are alleging that this excavation is against the orders of the Supreme Court.

The Archaeological Department is surveying the area for the past 64 days after the order of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. The Hindus claim this 11th century Bhojshala memorial to be the temple of goddess Shri Sarasvati, while Muslims call it the Kamal Maula mosque.

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The Imam of what the Muslims call Kamal Maula mosque, Zulfikar Pathan, spoke to the press after offering namaz. He said, “The Archaeological Department continued the excavation even after Supreme Court’s order against it. Because of this, the walls of the mosque are becoming weaker.” The lawyer of the Hindu side Ashok Dubey said that the Muslim side has misunderstood the Supreme Court’s order. The Muslim leaders are misguiding the people. In April, the Supreme Court had refused to stay the decision of the Madhya Pradesh High Court for a scientific survey of the Bhojshala complex. At the same time, it said the survey should not damage the current structure. The Archaeological  Survey of India is conducting the survey following these directives.