China provides 1,500 tons of pure water to Maldives

Credits : Tibet Rights Collective

Male (Maldives) – China is now quenching the thirst of Maldives. China has sent a fresh consignment of 1,500 tons of water to Maldives. This water is brought from the glaciers of Tibet. The water-filled boat was handed over by Chinese Ambassador to Male Wang Lixin to Maldives Foreign Minister Musa Zameer. Giving information in this regard, Zameer said that he is grateful to receive 1,500 tons of mineral water from the people of Shijang Autonomous Region (Chinese name for Tibet). Even earlier, China had sent a consignment of 1,500 tons of water in March.

Credits : AFAR Media

The Maldivian Foreign Minister said the shipment would provide clean drinking water to the water-scarce island. Broadcasting this post on X by Zamir, Chinese Ambassador Wang Lixin wrote that it was great to see the ‘premium (best) water’ from the 5,100m high glaciers donated from the Shijang Autonomous Region reaching Male from the mountains and the sea. It reflects the deep friendship between the people of China and the Maldives and the great success of the Tibetan people.

Most of the Maldives islands are made up of sand dunes. So it is rare to get clean water here. India has always helped Maldives in its water crisis so far. In the year 2014, there was a severe water crisis in Maldives, at which time India implemented ‘Operation Neer’. Under this, India had delivered 2,000 tons of water to Maldives through planes and boats. In addition, India helped Maldives during the Tsunami in 2004 and during the Corona pandemic 2 years ago.

Editorial Perspective

This is how China plays tricks to take a poor and helpless country in its control. Maldives, which is moving away from India, is about to destroy itself. It can be seen from this example.