China constructs naval dock in Bangladesh

Courtesy : Damien Symon, X

Dhaka – China is making continuous efforts to grow its influence in Bangladesh. With China’s assistance, a naval dock has been constructed in Bangladesh for submarines and warships. According to Damien Symon, a researcher at the ‘Intel Labs’, a Global Intelligence Research Network’, China’s progressive security cooperation efforts will help Beijing solidify its presence in Bangladesh. Experts advise India to be cautious about China’s increasing presence in this region. This naval dock not only enhances China’s security relations with Bangladesh but also enables it to obtain new depths in the Bay of Bengal.

A concern for India

Traditionally, India views the Indian Ocean region as its sphere of influence; however, in recent years, China has increased its influence in this region. Chinese military delegations visited Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Nepal this year. Recently, Chinese research vessels have been spotted near the Indian shores. There are concerns that China may be gathering sensitive information about India’s military in this region.

Editorial Perspective

It is certain that China will use this naval dock to challenge India. If India wants to teach China a lesson, then it must be always ready for the war and keep taking an aggressive position against China.