‘There is nothing wrong in using Hindu religious scriptures as ‘toilet paper’ !

Journalist Sushmita Singh made a video of a Hindu religious scripture asking people to clean toilets during the festival. Rajkumar Gupta, a member of the Hindu IT cell, lodged a complaint against Sushmita Singh at Govindpuri police station in Delhi ; but the Police did not file any complaint against Sushmita Singh. The police officer said, “There is nothing wrong in using a religious scripture as toilet paper.”

‘Zakat Foundation’ constructs mosque and houses for intruding Rohingya Muslims in Delhi

The ‘Zakat Foundation’ has close ties with the ideal of terrorists,  Dr. Zakir Naik. It imparts training to the minorities to get into the civil services. Now it is evident that this organisation is helping Rohingya Muslim intruders from Myanmar.