A religious fanatic working with a Hindu shop owner killed the owner and his wife

Hindus should not hire religious fanatics in their shops and organisations. Noida (UP) – Aman Hayat Khan murdered the businessman Vinay Gupta and his wife Neha in Noida. Aman was working in the shop owned by Vinay Gupta. He intruded in the owner’s home and killed Vinay Gupta and his wife in connection with cash … Read more

A Pakistani Minister sacked for making anti-Hindu statements

Instead of such flimsy actions, Pakistan must muster the courage to imprison these offenders. Lahore (Pakistan) –  Faiyyaz Ul Chauhan the Information Minister in Punjab province of Pakistan was removed from the position.  Faiyyaz Ul Chouhan was incessantly making anti-Hindu statements. Prime Minister Imran Khan expelled him from ministry. Though he faced dismissal from Ministry … Read more

Pakistan: Homes of Hindus burnt down by Islamists in Sindh to force them to convert to Islam

Hindus in Pakistan are being persecuted every day; however, the entire world is inactive in this context. It is true that there is no saviour for Hindus. Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistani human rights activist Rahat Austin of ‘Voice of Pakistan Minority’ had recently shared that the homes of Hindus belonging to the highly marginalised and … Read more

A trivial row leads to an attack on Hindus by religious fanatics : 1 dead

The Police arrest more than 12 religious fanatics The Uttar Pradesh Government is incapable of maintaining law and order in the State. The religious fanatics attack Hindus often. The Government must take stern action and put all religious fanatics with criminal tendencies in the prison. This precautionary measure should be made mandatory. Firozabad (U.P.) – … Read more

A dispute over volume of DJ resulted in an attack by religious fanatics on a Hindu family – One dead

The religious fanatics attack Hindus under frivolous pretexts and the pseudo-secular keep silent about it. Day by day, the religious fanatics are getting aggressive and do not fear to indulge in any activity.  It is evident from this incident. Hindus must protect themselves by undergoing self-defence training. New Delhi – Abdul Sattar staying at Mahendra … Read more

Hindu girl shot dead by college fanatics in ‘Love Jihad’ in Faridabad (Haryana)

2 fanatics arrested Sit-in agitation of angry citizens on the streets Citizens demand to kill fanatics in an encounter Hindus do not expect such incidents to happen in BJP state! Hindus think that the government should try to protect Hindu Dharma, Hindu deities, Hindu young women etc.! Hindus, in the past, incidents of rape or … Read more