Religious fanatical Muslims attacked ‘Navratri Kalash Yatra’ in Uttar Pradesh

Pelted bricks and stones as soon as procession reached near the mosque

Kushinagar (UP) – A mob of religious fanatical Muslims attacked Hindus during the ‘Navaratri Kalash Yatra’. The religious fanatics gathered near the mosque, pelted bricks and stones at the procession. Attackers targeted a five-year-old boy also during the violence. Four accused have been arrested in this case so far. (Please note that the communists and secularists who are talking about the insecurity of Muslims in India do not see this herd of Muslims. – Editor)

Naresh Shah, a resident of Lakshmipur village in Kushinagar District, has lodged a complaint with the Police. The complaint states, ‘Navaratri Kalash Yatra for worshipping Deity Durga was held in the village. As soon as the procession reached the mosque, it was stopped by a Muslim mob. Tabrez and his Muslim companions attacked thedevotees. Women also participated in this Kalash Yatra were also abused. It is alleged that the attackers pelted bricks and stones at the devotees.

The Police said that there is peace in the village and the situation is under control. The Police are investigating further in this case.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Religious fanatics frequently target the Hindu festivals and processions in India. What measures will the Indian Government take to stop them ?
  • This is yet another example of anti-Hindu activities that are occurring in most of the mosques and its surrounding areas in India.