Israel attacks Hezbollah bases in Syria : 38 people killed

Air strikes by Israel Defence Force

Jerusalem, Israel – While war against Hamas continues on 176th day, Israel carried out an airstrike on the Syrian city Aleppo, late night on 28th March. The attack targeted bases of Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group. 38 people including 5 Hezbollah militants got killed in the attack.

Deputy commander of Hezbollah’s rocket unit Ali Naim (Credits : Times Of Israel)

The senior Hezbollah commander, Ali Naim, was struck while in a car in the town of Bazouriye

Syria’s Defence Ministry said, Israel attacked around 1.45 a.m. According to the locals the explosions were heard for about 2 hours. During the same period, some militant groups carried out drone attacks from Idlib city. Israel has not confirmed this attack as yet.