With over 6 lakhs mosques, why block roads for namaz ? : T Raja Singh

BJP MLA T Raja Singh taking oath in 2023

Hyderabad (Telangana) – A recent incident involving Police Sub-Inspector Manoj Tomar kicking people who were offering namaz on a road in North Delhi’s Indralok area on 8th March garnered significant attention. Following protests from the Muslim community, Tomar was suspended by the Delhi Commisioner of Police (North). In this regard, T Raja Singh, BJP’s devout Hindu MLA from Hyderabad, has come out in support of Manoj Tomar. He said, “With over 6 lakh mosques nationwide, what wisdom is there in blocking roads for namaz ? I fully support Manoj Tomar in this matter. He has not done anything wrong”.

Following the incident, the Muslim community in the area blocked roads in protest. As tensions escalated, Tomar was suspended. There were extensive discussions on ‘X’ regarding the entire situation. Thousands of Hindus expressed their support for Manoj Tomar through various hashtags and keywords such as #IStandWithManojTomar, Delhi Police, Road Jam, and Manoj Tomar. Conversely, certain religious fanatics, the Congress party, and so-called secularists sided with the Muslims and condemned the Police action.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Congress dedicated its entire existence to jeopardising India through repeated appeasement of Muslims. Thus, it is not surprising that they continue to support law-breaking Muslims.
  • Do not forget that Congress failed to utter a word when years ago the Police viciously lathi-charged the followers of Jagadguru Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj at Mumbai Airport.
  • The pseudo-progressives, who preach that Hindus should confine their religion to their homes, are mum over Muslims offering namaz in public areas such as roads !