Taiwan apologises after India’s objection

Racist statement on Indian workers by Taiwan’s Labor Minister

Taipei (Taiwan) – Taiwan’s Labor Minister Zhu Ming Chun said on 4th March, ‘The colour and eating habits of people in northeast India are similar to ours. Like us, they have more faith in Christianity. They are also skilled in their work. Therefore, workers from the northeast will be recruited first’. India objected to it and condemned it as a racist. After this, Taiwan has apologised.

1. Taiwan said that the Minister’s comments were regrettable. Taiwan does not discriminate against any migrant workers or professionals based on their appearance, race, religion, language or food habits. We assure the Government of India that all Indians in Taiwan will be treated fairly.

2. India and Taiwan signed the MoU on 17th February 2024. Under this MoU, the doors of Taiwan will be opened for Indian workers. Taiwan is currently facing labour shortages in the manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors. Under this agreement, Taiwan will decide how many migrant workers from India will be allowed there.