Protest meeting held in Ahilyanagar against the sexual abuse of a minor girl by a church pastor

Follow up with the Government until culprit is punished so that such perverted social elements are crushed – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

(Pastor means a Christian missionary)

Hindu devout devotees present at the prohibition meeting held in Sonai!

Sonai (Dist. Ahilyanagar) – “In 2018, the Catholic Church in France set up a commission to find out the statistics of how many people have been sexually abused by Christian priests. The French commission realised that in the last 70 years, 2,16,000 children were sexually abused. Even in the US, in the last 50 years, 4,000 Christian priests were arrested for sexual abuse. When similar malpractices were found in a church in Navi Mumbai, it was razed to the ground by the administration. It is a tragedy that Hindus are required to come to the streets again and again against such incidents. Therefore, in order to crush such perverted social elements, we must follow up with the Government until the perpetrators of sexual abuse of minor girls are punished”, appealed Pratiksha Korgaonkar, Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Ahilyanagar, to the villagers. In a church located on Sonai Belhekarwadi road, Pastor Uttam Vairagar had sexually abused 2 minor girls and molested a woman. Protesting against this, over 2,000 women and youth organised a protest meeting on Rahuri street. Pratiksha was speaking at the event.

The minor girls were called in the church by scaring them with superstition. Pratiksha asked if the ‘Anti Superstitions Act’ not applicable in this case. In this protest meeting, National President of ‘Rashtriya Shriram Sangha’ Sagar Baig and Somnath Zade also expressed their anger. It was also alleged that after registering the case, the well- wishers of the accused used coercive techniques without considering the Police custody granted by the Court.

Strict shutdown in Sonai and surrounding area in protest of the abuse

Strict shutdown in Sonai and surrounding area in protest of the abuse On 17 th February, angry villagers observed a strict bandh in and around Sonai to protest against the sexual abuse. Protesting youth and women gathered at Sonai bus station square. At this place, it was announced that the agitators will present their feelings to the administration by carrying out marches and protest meetings in a peaceful manner. Holding protest placards and slogans like ‘strict action should be taken against the accused’, the march was taken to the Police station. As the march was stopped there, a protest meeting was held on the road. At this time, a riot control team and some Police personnel were deployed for security. A statement of demands was presented by 4 minor girls. After that, the protest was called off with the intervention of the Police.

If a Government advocate does not meet within 8 days, ‘Rasta Roko’ protest will be organised – Warns Rashtriya Shriram Sangh

National President of Rashtriya Shriram Sangh Sagar Baig said on this occasion that Christians oppressed Hindus for 200 years. They Ruled over us. Even today, Christians are converting Hindus and sexually abusing our girls. Such incidents happened because the Hindus are dormant, so they have got freedom. But it should be noted that
when a Hindu converts, that person stands against Hindus. In Nevasa, Rahuri, Sonai, Srirampur, girls have been molested by Jihadis in the past, but those jihadists are out on bail today. No lawyer helps us in such cases. These accused escape by taking advantage of judicial loopholes. This time, however, if no Government advocate meets us, we will hold a ‘Rasta Roko’ protest here after 8 days.

What is the matter ?

There was talk among the local residents that some malpractice was going on in the Williards Church in Belhekarwadi area near Sonai in Nevase taluk for the past several days, but this serious matter came to light on 15th February. It became clear that minor girls are being sexually abused in the name of religious programme in this church. When the local alert villagers came to know that Pastor Uttam Vairagar was sexually abusing a minor girl studying in the 5th standard in this church area, some youth secretly shot a ‘video’ of the incident. The video was handed over to the Sonai Police. Realising the seriousness of the matter, the Sonai Police immediately arrested Uttam Vairagar. It is believed that this church is illegal and malpractices have been going on in the name of religion for many days in the premises of this church.

Christians in the village support the accused

The Christians of the village had put the WhatsApp status to save the accused, which read, ‘All Christian brothers and sisters are requested that the anointed servant of God from Sonai village has been falsely accused and put in jail. Let us all pray and fast for him.’ About 150 people gathered in the Court in cars like Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar for the Christian pastor. They had come from surrounding Districts. (Cunning Christians ! – Editor).

Editorial Perspective

  • Please understand the true nature of the Christian Churches ! Such incidents are frequently coming to light in India. Hindus must unite against this now.
  • When baseless accusations are made against Hindu saints, the anti-Hindu media start malicious attack on Hindu Dharma. The same media remains silent in such cases though. They should now be questioned on such matters.