Muzaffarpur, Bihar : A boat with students capsizes; 18 students missing

Overloading was the cause of this accident

Muzaffarpur, Bihar – A boat carrying school students capsised in the River Bagmati. Out of 34 students in the boat, 18 are missing. Rescue workers one hour late to save the students. (Stringent action must be taken against those responsible for this. The administration must plan well, so that, this kind of situation does not arise again. – Editor)

Public was enraged with this incident. For now, National Disaster Management squad is searching for the missing students. They are said that overloading the boat was the cause of this incident.

Editorial Viewpoint

Isn’t there system to monitor the capacity of the boat and how many are boarding the boat ? Why doesn’t the Government use common sense that if an incident like this happened today, a similar mishap can occur in the future as well !