The Uranium enrichment project of Pakistan for producing nuclear arsenal is about to be completed

A large suspected enrichment facility has been constructed at the Kahuta complex since 2014 (Credit :

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Projects for producing atom bomb material in Kahuta and Gadwal in Pakistan are complete. These projects are enriching projects for Uranium. Researchers of ‘The Federation of American Scientists’, Aliana Jones and Matt Kordo have given this information about the Nuclear program of Pakistan, based on their satellite images.The report states, Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile materials production industry. Analysis of a large number of commercial satellite images of Pakistani army garrisons and air force bases shows what appear to be launchers and facilities that might be related to the nuclear forces.

With several new delivery systems in development, four plutonium production reactors, and an expanding uranium enrichment infrastructure, however, Pakistan’s stockpile has the potential to increase further over the next 10 years.

Matt Kordo, referring to his estimate, said India and Pakistan were equipped with equal Nuclear stockpiles. Both nations were not only enriching their Nuclear strength but were also proving systems that could launch Nuclear weapons faster. The warlike situation was day-by-day becoming fragile between the two nations. As stated in the report, four newly constructed Heavy Water Plutonium Production Reactors were operating at the Khushab complex south of Khushab in the Punjab province of Pakistan. (We should realise from this Pakistan’s speed in producing nuclear arsenal. India should be very alert in due course of time. – Editor)  

Editorial perspective

Preemptive strike is the best way of protection. This is the essential strategy for India to destroy Pakistan.

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