Two students committed suicide in Kota

  • One of the students is from Latur, Maharashtra
  • Till now 22 students have committed suicides, the highest in the last 8 years so far

(Credit : NDTV)

Kota (Rajasthan) – Avishkar Sambhaji Kasle (Age 16) from Latur in Maharashtra committed suicide by jumping from the 6th floor of his institute. Another student Adarsh from Rohtas District in Bihar committed suicide by hanging himself in his room. He had come for preparing for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) exam like Avishkar. As per the information both these students committed suicide due to getting less marks in the test exam. This year 22 students committed suicide. Hence, the Collector has ordered to stop all kinds of tests for the next 2 months.

Billboards of various coaching Institutes in Kota (Credit : ScoopWhoop)

Kota is known for its ‘Coaching Institute’. Students from all over India come to this institute for preparation of all kinds of competitive exams; but it appears that due to unbearable tension of the education these students committed suicide.

Avishkar Kasle was preparing for the NEET exam here since last 3 years.

(Credit : NDTV)

Editorial perspective

This is the result for not making the students imbibe the sanskars pertaining to sadhana (Spiritual practice) by imparting education on Dharma. Such suicides show that students do not know the purpose of human birth and they become tense by thinking about their future resulting into suicides. In Hindu Rashtra, everyone will be taught sadhana which will stop suicides.

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