Teacher asks students to beat up Muslim classmate

  • Incident at Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Punishment for not doing homework : Case filed against the teacher

Muzaffarnagar (UP) – A teacher of Neha Public School in Khubbapur village got students to beat up Muslim classmate for not doing his homework. The video of this incident has gone vial on social media. Muslim leaders, organisations and secular political parties condemned this incident. The name of this teacher is Tripta Tyagi and she owns this school. A case has been filed against the teacher and Police and Education Department have started an investigation into the incident.

What is seen in the video ?

Teacher Tyagi made the Muslim student stand in front of everyone. After this, all the students in the class were asked to come forward and hit the student. She also said, “I have now declared that these Muslim students should go to their areas (Muslim areas)”. After Tyagi’s instruction to hit the Muslim student, a classmate gently slapped him. On this, Tyagi said to the boy’s .Why are you hitting him so lightly ? Hit him hard”. After this, 2 more boys got up and hit the Muslim student hard. Tyagi further said, ”who else is left ? Now hit on the waist. Hitting him on the face is turning it red, so don’t hit him on the face”.

Teacher’s Justification

Teacher Tripta Tyagi said in this case that, “it is wrong to give a communal angle to this incident. Many Muslim students’ study in our school. The student who was beaten up had not completed his homework. He was punished for that. Attempts are being made to give it a different angle. The video of this incident has been distorted and circulated. The boy’s family had asked me to be strict with him. Therefore, we tried to be strict. I am handicapped. As I can’t get up, I asked other students to hit him. The purpose of punishing him was that he takes his studies seriously. I said the word Muslim, which I admit is wrong but my intention was different”.

Don’t give communal angle to this incident – Appeal from Muslim student’s father Regarding this incident, Muslim student’s father said, ”It is wrong to give a communal angle to this incident. We all stay with unity in the village. I told teacher Tyagi to be strict with the boy so he studies well but it did not mean that he should be beaten up in this way. When we complained to the school, we were told,’ Such is the rule of the school.’ This rule is not right. We have demanded action in this case”.

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