It is our right to consume alcohol in University campus

Tantrums by alcohol addict student

Girl opposing installation of CCTV (Credit : News 18)

Kolkata – A video which is currently going viral on social media has sparked outrage among people. In this video students are seen protesting against fitting CCTV camera in the University campus. The video is that of a student from Jadhavpur University and she can be seen talking about how students have the right to smoke and drink inside the campus because the university is like their second home.

When asked as to who has given her the rights, she replied, “No one is supposed to give me this right, I have this right.” This comes in just a few days after the death of a first-year undergraduate student on the college campus. Following this, Jadavpur University banned alcohol inside the varsity premises. It also restricted the entry of students without valid identity proof. (University is a centre to gain knowledge. The students demanding the right to drink and smoke at such a pure place should be rusticated permanently. – Editor)

On 9th August 2023, Swapnadeep Kundu, a student of Jadhavpur University died falling from the 2nd floor. Hence, the CCTV cameras are being fitted in the campus but some students are against it. (Do the students want such deaths to increase ? – Editor)

The above video is age-restricted, click ‘Watch on YouTube’ to see the video (Credits : Siya Amar Vanshi)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Instead of saying that gaining knowledge is our right, the students are saying that drinking is our right. Is the future of the country safe in the hands of such youth ?
  • This incident reveals that the educational system needs to be drastically changed.

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