Hindu students made to offer namaz on the occasion of Bakri Eid in Gujarat

  • Education officer’s orders an inquiry
  • Apology by the Headmistress  

Bhuj (Gujarat) – Hindu students were asked to offer namaz during Bakri Eid celebrations in Pearl School in Mundra in Kutch District.  A team has been appointed by the District Education officer to make inquiries into this incident, assuring about taking action against the guilty. On the other side, the Headmistress, Rashi Gautam apologised saying offering namaz to be a part of the celebrations not intending to hurt anybody’s sentiments. She also assured saying that no such programmes hurting sentiments would be held in future.

Bakri Eid celebrations were held in the school on 28th June. The school posted video showing Hindu students offering namaz, hence Hindu organisations objected to it.

Editorial perspective

Please note that some people create havoc by calling the idea of teaching the Bhagwadgeeta in schools as ‘saffronisation’, but they keep mum when Hindu students are made to offer namaz nor do they call this as ‘islamisation’.

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