Schoolgirls protest the decision of not wearing Abaya in a school in Srinagar

Chief Secretary of Education orders written explanation from the Principal of the school

Srinagar (Jammu-Kashmir) – Muslim girls were asked not to wear the Abaya by the management of Vishwa Bharati Higher Secondary School here. Hence, the Muslim girls protested outside the Higher Secondary School. Education Chief Secretary has asked the Principal to submit an explanation in writing.

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Meem Rose Shafi, the Principal of the school has denied all the allegations saying that she was not against wearing Abaya or hijab, but it looked odd wearing a colourful Abaya and hijab; they needed an appropriate uniform.

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The Vishwa Bharati Higher Secondary was founded in 1951 and it happens to be the oldest school in the valley of Kashmir. Jihadi terrorists put the school ablaze in 1990. Now it is managed by trustees. Main Trustee is a Hindu, but most of the students, girls and boys, and the Principal, are Muslims.

(Abaya is the full robe worn by Muslim women)

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