Karnataka State Open University attempts to cancel ‘Veer Savarkar Samman Award’ function

Children participating in a drawing competition outside the campus on ground (Credit : The Hindu)

Mysuru (Karnataka) – Savarkar Pratishthan organised the ‘Veer Savarkar Samman Award’ function at the Karnataka State Open University at Mysuru. Under this function, various programmes such as a drawing competition, blood donation camp, etc. were organised for the children; but the Chancellor of the university cancelled the permission for this event without giving any reason and locked the venue. The children started drawing at the gate of the venue, after which an additional Police force was deployed for security reasons. Due to fear of more serious consequences, officers from the university opened the venue gate and allowed the event to continue.

Pratap Sinha, Member of Parliament from the BJP, who was present here, said, ‘Congress tried to stop the event named after Savarkar. It always opposes Savarkar. The Congress Government is using Police force to pressurise us, but we shall not yield to their threats’.


Karnataka State Open University at Mysuru

Editorial Viewpoint

It is obvious that in the Congress-governed Karnataka State, Tipu Sultan will be celebrated while Savarkar will be boycotted. Hopefully from this incident, the Hindus of Karnataka will realise their mistake of electing the Congress party in the last Assembly elections.

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