Preliminary investigation indicates flawed signalling system behind Odisha train accident : Railway Board

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Balasore (Odisha) – The Railway Board conducted a press conference to give detailed information on the Odisha train accident. Officer Jaya Sinha said that as per preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident appears to be a flawed signalling system.

Jaya Sinha said,

1. Coromandel Express was arriving at Bahanaga railway station at 6:55 p.m. It hit a goods train standing at the station, due to which both the trains were damaged. Yesvantpur Express, which was crossing from the ‘Down’ railway line also derailed.

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2. Signals and the routes were set for both the crossing trains. The signals were green, which means their routes were clear. Permissible speed for these trains is 130 kmph. Coromandel Express was running at 128 km/h while Yesvantpur Express was running at 126 km/h. Coromandel Express entered the loop line from main ‘Up’ line and hit a goods train standing on the loop line. As per preliminary information, signalling system was flawed; but this is only ‘preliminary’ information and the actual reason can only be ascertained after the report of detailed investigation comes out.

3. The accident involves only one train i.e. Coromandel Express. The collision did not occur due to all three trains coming on the same track. After the accident, Coromandel Express hit the goods train which was carrying iron. This increased the intensity of damage.

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4. Coromandel is an LHB train, which means it is the safest of the trains. If such trains meet with an accident while running at high speed, passengers are not seriously injured; but the iron carrying goods train caused severe damage in this particular case. The goods train itself is not severely damaged. Coromandel’s coaches derailed on the ‘Down’ line due to the accident. Yesvantpur Express was running on the ‘Down’ line at 126 km/h. Coromandel’s derailed coaches hit the last 2 coaches of the Yesvantpur Express and those too derailed. Passengers from these 2 coaches were seriously injured and some also lost their lives.

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