RSS and Bajrang Dal help the Odisha accident victims

  • First to reach the accident site and take the injured to the hospital !
  • Donated blood in large numbers !

Hindu organisations’ rescue efforts (Credit : OpIndia)

Balasore (Odisha) – After the railway accident, the Government has put into place appropriate relief measures even at hospitals. At the same time, some social organisations and devout Hindu organisations have also reached here for assistance. RSS and Bajrang Dal are involved in this relief work.

The official Twitter account of Bajrang Dal informs that RSS and Bajrang Dal activists have arranged for food, water, juice and other necessities at the hospitals. Also, many of them are donating blood. More than 250 activists of both organisations reached the accident site and helped in rescuing the injured from the coaches and taking them to the hospital.

RSS volunteers helping Odisha train victims (Credit : OpIndia)

RSS State Prachar Pramukh, Ravi Narayan Panda said,’ Many RSS workers reside in the Bahanaga village where the accident took place. The moment they came to know about the accident they reached the site and started the rescue work. They used 4-wheelers, 2-wheelers, tractors and other means to carry the injured to the hospital.

Editorial Viewpoint

How many Islamic and Christian organisations are involved in such work ? Let the political parties that demand a ban on devout Hindu organisations tell how many of their workers were involved in the rescue operation !

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