You are finished if you speak against the Govt : Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi maligns India’s image in the USA

Rahul Gandhi at Stanford University in the USA (Credit : Telegraph India)

Washington (US) ‘You are finished if you speak against the Government in India’, this anti-India statement was made by Rahul Gandhi, member of the Congress party. He was speaking at a programme at Stanford University in the USA. This is Gandhi’s first foreign visit after his disqualification from the parliament. “I don’t think when I joined politics in 2004, I ever imagined what I see going on in our country. It was way outside the way I imagined. To be the first person to be given the first maximum sentence on defamation and maximum sentence to get disqualified. I didn’t imagine that something like this was possible,” the former Wayanad Lok Sabha MP said. “But then I think it’s actually given me a huge opportunity, a much bigger opportunity I would have in Parliament. That is the way politics works,” he said.

(Credit : HW News English)

“I think the drama started really about six months ago. We were struggling, how the entire opposition is struggling in India. Huge financial dominance, institutional capture, we were struggling to fight for the democratic rights in the country,” he said, hitting out at the Government.

Editorial Viewpoint

The Government should take a strict action against those deliberately maligning India’s image abroad.

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