It is wrong to state that Mughals came to India and destroyed temples : Actor Naseeruddin Shah blabbers again

(Credit : Bollywood Hungama)

Mumbai – Naseeruddin Shah in an interview with the ‘Bollywood Hungama’ made many statements. “Because the Mughals were the only ones the whole world knows about,” he said. “Mogul has become an English word, an American word; movie Mogul. Running them down is very convenient for the present dispensation to paint all Muslims in one colour and to claim that they looted the country, they destroyed temples, they did this and that and they had many wives. Every king does this.”

Shah also touched upon the stories of barbarism of Babur and Humayun. Shah said, “Poor guy was an opium addict who fell down the steps when he was probably too stoned one day (laughs). And Akbar did this. And Aurangzeb, of course, the biggest villain of them all. They don’t talk of the other dynasties that were here before. Even before the Mughal dynasty, there were several dynasties of the Turks.”

(Credit : Bollywood Hungama)

Shah added that it is wrong to state that Mughals came to India to take away its riches. “The Mughals came here to make this their homeland,” he said. “They did not come here to loot and scoot. Shah also spoke about the changing school syllabuses these days in order to spread a particular political ideology. “Theory of evolution is knocked out from the textbooks,” he said. “Next, I suppose Einstein will be knocked out off the science textbooks. Then the head of ISRO saying that all the scientific discoveries are there in the Vedas (and) all these discoveries are attributed to the west falsely. Now what can you say to a thing like that?”

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It would not be surprising if someone asks the Government to send such descendants of the Mughals back to where the Mughals came from.
  • Such Mughal lovers may soon claim that the Mughals built many temples and it was the Hindus who destroyed the mosques in India. Hence, it would not be surprising if Hindus start boycotting the movies made by these Mughal lovers.

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