Police Department will not be saffronised : DK Shivakumar, Deputy CM of Karnataka

DK Shivakumar (2nd from left), Siddharamaiah (centre) (Credit : India Today)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “Are you going to saffronise the Police Department ? This will not be allowed in our Government”, warned Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka DK Shivakumar while addressing a high-level meeting with top Police officers. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was also present on this occasion.

Deputy CM Shivakumar said, “Karnataka Police Department had a good reputation in the entire country. You have ruined that honour and dignity. Everywhere you look its corruption.” Everything should be clean in our Government. People expect a big change from this Government. It should start from the Police Department itself.

(Credit : India Today)

“The message of change from this Government should go to the people. You have to change. Your attitude must change,” DK Shivakumar said.

Shivakumar further said, “we do not need money from you. It is enough to work so that people do not suffer. Your past behaviour will not happen in our Government”. Accusing the Police of filing false cases against Congress leaders and workers, Siddaramaiah and him during the BJP rule, DK Shivakumar said, “I know how you behaved with me and Siddaramaiah when we did the PayCM campaign in the past. You have to change your behaviour, or we will change you. We don’t hate. We don’t believe that. If you work honestly, we will stand by you. People have faith in this Government. Give the message to the people through your work that change is happening from this Government”.

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Shivakumar should realise that if the Police force in Karnataka had been saffronised, the religious fanatics who killed the Hindu activists there would have been punished.
  • There will be definitely no saffronisation of the Police force when there is a Congress Government in Karnataka, but it will certainly become green !